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31 August 2016

Sow & Grow takes the UK by storm

The innocent Sow & Grow campaign, in association with iChild, launched in the UK in March 2016 with over 3,000 schools taking part. 

Diary 3 - hello cress! (image only)
The aim of Sow & Grow is to teach children about where their food comes from, to allow them to start growing vegetables themselves and to develop healthy eating habits from a young age.

iChild recruited over 3,000 schools nationwide to take part, reaching over 100,000 primary school children.

Each school that took part received a comprehensive growing pack, suitable for a class of 30 from GIY and innocent. This included curriculum based lesson plans and supporting activities to support the initiative, developed by the educational consultants at iChild, along with compost, cress, spinach and pea seeds and cups to grow in. Further activities and recipes for children to try with their vegetables once fully grown could be found online at (You can view the full range of Sow & Grow educational resources for free on

Schools also completed online growing diaries, with students charting their seeds' progress. Schools could read each others' diaries online, developing a Sow & Grow community among participating schools.

Based on their diary entries each week, one lucky school who impressed the most was chosen as the 'Grower of the Week' and won a pack of innocent smoothies. Then, from this shortlist, one overall winner was awarded at the end of the term.

 Horseden winners

The winning class: Mrs. Wright's Class from Horseden Primary School grew their cress to impress, winning their school new gardening supplies and a visit from the grassy green innocent van.

Horsenden Primary School were the lucky overall winners, winning their school new gardening supplies, a new wheelbarrow and a visit from the team at innocent. Horseden PS had had a vegetable garden previously, but no longer had the funding to support it. Thanks to the free Sow & Grow packs, and the grand prize, they've been able to reopen their gardening club - much to the joy of the students and teachers alike. 

Horseden thank you card“Taking part in Sow and Grow has been, without a doubt, the highlight of the academic year for my class. It is rare to find a project that can engage a whole class and draw enthusiasm from even the most reluctant of learners, but the Sow and Grow initiative certainly achieved that. From planting the seeds to harvesting our small crops, every child was excited to get their hands dirty and learn as much as they could about growing their own food.”

- Miss Wright, Class Teacher, Horseden Primary School


If you have a CSR objective or would like to run a campaign through schools and/or nurseries, contact us today to find out how we can help you. 

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