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26 June 2014

CHF Entertainment appoints iChild to launch and promote Pip Ahoy!


CHF Entertainment Ltd has appointed iChild, the leading child development, childcare and education website, to promote Pip Ahoy! to over two million pre-school families through its iChild network. The company will be developing fun education resources and activities based on the Pip Ahoy! characters and storylines which will be available online. iChild will also be conducting ongoing research amongst its membership base.

Simon Hall, managing director of CHF Entertainment comments; “We are delighted to be working closely with iChild to launch Pip Ahoy! into the pre-school education sector. The company has already had a great deal of success launching brands such as Peppa Pig, Roary the Racing Car and Fifi and the Flowertots into this sector and we are looking forward to seeing Pip Ahoy! continue in their footsteps.”

iChild helps brands engage with parents, teachers, carers and children by developing fun educational content and activities in line with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) national curriculum in England, which are then promoted through the iChild network which comprises parents, grandparents, teachers, nursery carers and child minders.

Phil Bird, managing director of says; “We work with our team of education consultants, teachers, marketing consultations and children’s designers to ensure that brands are able to engage effectively with parents, teachers, carers and children. For children’s TV shows we produce branded entertainment content that can be used in nurseries, pre-schools, schools and homes, to help teach children in a fun way, and raise awareness of the show and characters.

We are thrilled to be working alongside CHF Entertainment on Pip Ahoy! and this week we will be launching a competition amongst nurseries and pre-schools for a chance to win a visit by Stacey Solomon and the Pip costume character. We will also be producing Pip Ahoy! nursery packs which will include lesson plans, activity books and stickers, and we have more activity planned throughout the year.”

Pip Ahoy! follows the adventures of an eager happy-go-lucky young pup called Pip and his best friend Alba the kitten around the colourful and enchanting seaside resort of Salty Cove. Aimed at pre-school children from the age of two, Pip Ahoy! brings fun and laughter into every home with a mixture of the extraordinary and the familiar. Appearing every week day morning on Channel 5’s Milkshake at 7am, the series has been produced by CHF Entertainment’s hugely talented creative team under the leadership of multi award-winners Jean Flynn and Ben Turner and features Sir David Jason as the voice of Pip’s caring uncle, Skipper. X Factor finalist, singer and reality TV star, Stacey Solomon, has also recorded the theme song and is the voice of the pink flamingo, Fuchsia.

Salty Cove boasts everything a proper seaside resort should have – a sandy beach with little coves and pools to visit, along with welcoming beach huts and a sunny promenade with its parade of shops of all kind. To one end of the cove is an observatory manned by the brainy and erudite Professor Evie, and to the other end a lighthouse stands overlooking a boatyard, which contains several crafts of various shapes and sizes. Some of these belong to the most respected inhabitant of Salty Cove, the redoubtable Captain Skipper, Pip’s uncle.

The folk that live in this idyllic place are as motley a crew as you could imagine from Pasty, the acquisitive crab with an extraordinary collection of bric-a-brac, Hopper, the one legged acrophobic seagull with big ambition and little gumption, Madame Éclair, a French poodle of high-breeding and exquisite taste in confectionary and cakes, Mrs Twitcher, a keen birdwatcher and Salty Cove’s very own taxi driver, a colony of rather well spoken puffins clustered around an island offshore and a flock of seagulls, Kevin, Cyril and Percy who make mischief. A quintet of singing limpets, the Squiblets, pop up from time to time to warble a brief barber’s shop type harmony and beneath the waves, resides a drummer of multi-limbed capability, the renowned Rocktopus.

Tune into Pip Ahoy! weekday mornings at 7am on Channel 5’s Milkshake.

For more information about Pip Ahoy! please visit


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