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31 August 2016

Sow & Grow takes the UK by storm

The innocent Sow & Grow campaign, in association with iChild, launched in the UK in March 2016 with over 3,000 schools taking part. 

Diary 3 - hello cress! (image only)
The aim of Sow & Grow is to teach children about where their food comes from, to allow them to start growing vegetables themselves and to develop healthy eating habits from a young age.

iChild recruited over 3,000 schools nationwide to take part, reaching over 100,000 primary school children.

Each school that took part received a comprehensive growing pack, suitable for a class of 30 from GIY and innocent. This included curriculum based lesson plans and supporting activities to support the initiative, developed by the educational consultants at iChild, along with compost, cress, spinach and pea seeds and cups to grow in. Further activities and recipes for children to try with their vegetables once fully grown could be found online at (You can view the full range of Sow & Grow educational resources for free on

Schools also completed online growing diaries, with students charting their seeds' progress. Schools could read each others' diaries online, developing a Sow & Grow community among participating schools.

Based on their diary entries each week, one lucky school who impressed the most was chosen as the 'Grower of the Week' and won a pack of innocent smoothies. Then, from this shortlist, one overall winner was awarded at the end of the term.

 Horseden winners

The winning class: Mrs. Wright's Class from Horseden Primary School grew their cress to impress, winning their school new gardening supplies and a visit from the grassy green innocent van.

Horsenden Primary School were the lucky overall winners, winning their school new gardening supplies, a new wheelbarrow and a visit from the team at innocent. Horseden PS had had a vegetable garden previously, but no longer had the funding to support it. Thanks to the free Sow & Grow packs, and the grand prize, they've been able to reopen their gardening club - much to the joy of the students and teachers alike. 

Horseden thank you card“Taking part in Sow and Grow has been, without a doubt, the highlight of the academic year for my class. It is rare to find a project that can engage a whole class and draw enthusiasm from even the most reluctant of learners, but the Sow and Grow initiative certainly achieved that. From planting the seeds to harvesting our small crops, every child was excited to get their hands dirty and learn as much as they could about growing their own food.”

- Miss Wright, Class Teacher, Horseden Primary School


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09 August 2016

LeapFrog's newest device, LeapStart, receives top marks from UK teachers with iChild Insight

LeapFrog recently employed iChild Insight to test their newest device, LeapStart, ahead of launch in July 2016. 200 teachers across the UK took part, giving LeapStart top marks across the board and earning the iChild Recommends badge for a second LeapFrog product. 

Hires JPEG-21605_LeapStartSR_PR05LeapStart, the latest product from award-winning educational toy developers LeapFrog, is an all-in-one interactive learning system for children ages two to seven. The device works with a library of replayable activity books and a stylus, encouraging fine motor skills. LeapStart is designed to help build key skills, challenging children across a variety of subjects from STEM to handwriting and comprehension. 

200 Primary School teachers were recruited through iChild Insight to trial the new LeapStart device in their classrooms around the country. Teachers were provided with a device and a selection of books to try out with their pupils for one month. Participating teachers then filled in an online survey about their experience. They commented on aspects such as quality, ease of use, how it supported their pupils' learning and the National Curriculum.LeapStart_Girl reading

Over 50% of participants thought LeapStart was easy to use, many noting that even their youngest pupils (LeapStart caters for ages two to seven), were able to use the device independently after initial basic instruction. Furthermore, 91% felt LeapStart supported the National Curriculum and was a great asset to any classroom. 

Following the trial, 80% of the teachers involved said they would recommend the device to other teachers, and 97% said they would recommend it to parents to further children's learning at home. LeapStart has therefore earned the iChild Recommends badge, which requires a minimum of 70% recommendation rate among research participants. 

This is a second win for LeapFrog; in 2014, their LeapReader device was also awarded the iChild Recommends badge, with 86% of participants saying they would recommend LeapReader

  IChild Recommends Badge

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23 March 2016

100,000 entries to Royal Mail's Young Letter Writer of the Year Competition

Two school children have been named as the national winners of Royal Mail’s Young Letter Writer of the Year Competition which was developed, promoted and run by iChild. Iris Ferrar, aged 9 from south London, won the Under-11 age group and Amelia Cunliffe, aged 11 from Bolton, Greater Manchester, was the winner of the 11-14 age group. Each child wins £1000 in vouchers and also £1000 for their school. They were awarded their prize by TV presenter, Helen Skelton. 

Iris and Amelia’s entries were among almost 100,000 submissions from children aged 4-14 years old across the UK in response to the question: ‘What is your dream job?’ Entries were received from almost one in five (19%) secondary schools and nearly one in four (23%) primary schools.


Iris wrote to the Extraordinary and Exotic Zoo describing why she would be the ideal candidate for her dream job as an Animal Language Decoder. Writing to Mr Gruntspeak, Iris wrote how she “could converse with the animal specified and then tell you exactly what they need.”

In addition, Iris said she would be ‘perfect for the job of language decoder’ as she was ‘extremely committed and happy to have her lodgings in the animal enclosures – although she would have to tame the crocodiles first!’

Amelia Cunliffe, winner of the 11-14 age group, wrote to the ‘Department of Space Cleanliness’ applying for the position of ‘Moon Cleaner’. In her creative and imaginative letter, she wrote that she was currently working as ‘head of equipment cleaning for NASA in Washington DC’. She also stated that she ‘loves cleaning’ and that securing the role of ’moon cleaner’ would also ‘create brighter streets at night, meaning less energy consumption’.

Tim Peake also sent a message of congratulations from the International Space Station after reading Amelia’s letter!

Tim Peake Facebook LikeMoya Greene, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Mail Group said: “Nothing packs an emotional punch like a letter. I want to personally thank all our letter writers for giving us real insight into not only the amazing creativity, humour and originality of young people across the UK, but also their ambition.

“In recent months, we have heard from aspiring sportspeople, architects, biotechnology experts, lifeboat workers, chocolate tasters and of course animal language decoders and moon cleaners! These young people have the world at their feet, and I have no doubt from the quality of their letters that many of them will go on to make their career ambitions a reality.”

The four-stage judging process involved all submissions being assessed on a range of criteria, including: correct letter layout and word count, good use of vocabulary, accurate grammar and well-constructed sentences, correct punctuation, strong and engaging content with originality and a compulsion to 'read on'.

Presenter, Helen Skelton said: “Congratulations to Amelia and Iris. I loved both their winning letters. Their creativity and standard of grammar was impressive – I had so much fun reading all of the final entries. I’m sure they will both go on to do great things in whatever dream jobs they choose.”

11 December 2015

HiPP Organic announces new sampling campaign with iChild

HiPP Organic has entered into exciting new partnerships with  iChild and Bounty to ensure its brand is top of mind for parents when their baby is ready to start weaning, aimed at encouraging trial and driving consumer loyalty for its weaning products.

HiPP Organic is partnering with iChild to develop weaning support and advice for childcare professionals and new parents. Through iChild's network, 1,500 nurseries have opted in to join the HiPP Organic Nursery Club. The nurseries will be receiving weaning goody bags to hand to parents looking for advice and support when they think their baby is ready to start weaning. The goody bags contain a step-by-step weaning chart, a HiPP Organic range leaflet and coupon, plus a HiPP Organic 100g savoury pouch spoon and bib. Nurseries will also receive colourful posters for their baby room.

A microsite has also been created to support the activity which provides weaning advice and resources to childcare professionals and parents. In addition to the 1,500 participating nurseries, this will also be promoted to iChild’s wider membership of childminders, childcare professionals and parents.

Through this deal and supporting activity, HiPP Organic aims to create strong advocates amongst key nursery workers and childminders in order to reach its target audience of parents with babies of weaning age.

John Allaway, General Manager for HiPP Organic, says: “We are excited about the awareness and trial opportunities that the ventures with iChild and Bounty will open up to us.

“Prior to 2010, we sampled a 125g fruit jar with Bounty for many years and as a result this product sold 60% more units per annum than any other fruit jar in the range. At the time, it also increased our prompted awareness to 98%.

“Research shows that parents are already seeking advice from nursery managers about weaning so the venture with iChild is a natural fit. We look forward to seeing similar uplifts through both of these exciting partnerships and driving strong consumer engagement and loyalty with mums.”

The Grocer online - 9th December - News - HiPP Organic sampling campaign...

03 September 2015

DHX Brands and Jo Jingles launch In the Night Garden activity programme through Family & Education and iChild

Developed and promoted through iChild, DHX Brands has teamed up with Jo Jingles, the UK’s largest provider of pre-school music, singing and movement classes, to create branded activity sessions for pre-schoolers.

The activity programme will reach over 30,000 children and their families as part of their daily classes. Utilising the music, movements and rhymes from the In the Night Garden television series, the branded sessions will enrich and enhance the existing pre-school schedule.

The partnership and programme was developed by Family & Education, and is being promoted through its leading child development and education website iChild.


Charlotte Hill, senior brand manager at DHX Brands, said: “In the Night Garden presents a magical world which pre-schoolers are now able to access in a whole new way. Music and dance are key components of early learning, and we are confident that the programme we have developed alongside our fantastic partners will be a new favourite. The sessions will be widely promoted through national and local advertising, on social media, on all In the Night Garden platforms as well as on”

IChild home page ITNG

Family & Education also developed In the Night Garden activity books, posters and stickers for the children to take home after the activity sessions.

14 March 2015

LeapFrog’s LeapReader gets top marks from UK teachers and is awarded 'iChild Recommends' status


LeapFrog recently appointed iChild, the leading child development and education website, to conduct research of its LeapReader device amongst iChild member teachers in UK schools.

The specialist research team at Family & Education and iChild recruited 200 teachers from 100 schools to take part in the research project. The teachers used the LeapReader devices in classrooms, including with special educational needs pupils, across a two month period.

Following this two month trial, 86% of teachers involved in the research project said they would recommend LeapReader to parents to help with their child’s reading and writing. A further 79% would also recommend LeapReader to fellow teachers. As a result, LeapFrog was awarded with "iChild Recommends" status, which is awarded to companies that achieve over 70% approval rating of their product from iChild's members.

LeapReader has been designed by a team of educational experts to offer three literacy experiences in one – learning to read, learning to write, and learning through listening.

“Technology can be an extremely powerful learning tool and LeapReader is just one example of the kinds of tools that teachers and parents are looking for to help children build a strong foundation for future success,” said Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, manager of LeapFrog’s Learning Team.

“As teachers look for different ways to engage their pupils, technology is something that children are drawn to and that offers a way to provide personalised learning experiences even in busy and full classrooms.”

Tony Hicks, chief international officer at LeapFrog, added: “The feedback from our research with iChild truly highlights LeapReader as a key, teacher approved player and we will continue to work with a wide network of teachers across the UK to highlight its unquestionable educational value and the supportive learning role it can play n the home.”

LeapFrog has received excellent coverage of the iChild research results in Toy Trade publications such as Toy World and Toy News.

   IChild Recommends Badge

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23 January 2015

Stacey Soloman and Pip visit winning school in iChild's Pip Ahoy! month


As part of iChild's promotion of CHF's Pip Ahoy! show, a "Pip Ahoy! Month" was developed by Family & Education, and over 1,000 nurseries, pre-schools,and primary schools took part, with involvement from more than 70,000 children. The winning school was Gainsborough Primary School who received a visit from Stacey Soloman and Pip.

Following iChild's promotion of Pip Ahoy!, the show is now No. 1 rated.

The Newham Recorder featured the visit...

Many children dream of meeting their favourite cartoon character, and for pupils at Gainsborough Primary School, that became a reality.

Popular Channel 5 cartoon Pip Ahoy!’s star Pip popped into their classroom, joined by television presenter and singer Stacey Solomon, who performs the show’s tune.

The duo led the school in a singalong and each class were able to ask a question to the special visitors.

Stacey said: “I was so excited to be visiting the children at Gainsborough Primary School and loved their passion for the show.

“They were so welcoming and engaging that I did not want to leave.”

The visit came after the school won a nationwide competition by iChild, which produces educational resource packs to accompany the show.

Teacher at the Berkshire Road school, Samuel Cullen, said: “The children have been so excited about Stacey and Pip visiting the school that we have had to contain their anticipation all week!

“Pip Ahoy! is a particular favourite amongst the children and we have loved using the Pip education resource packs that have been produced as part of our lessons.

“Using children’s characters is a great way of helping children to get enthusiastic about learning.”

The show follows the adventures of a mischievous pup and his friends who live in the colourful seaside town of Salty Cove, and stars Sir David Jason as the voice of Pip’s uncle.

26 June 2014

CHF Entertainment appoints iChild to launch and promote Pip Ahoy!


CHF Entertainment Ltd has appointed iChild, the leading child development, childcare and education website, to promote Pip Ahoy! to over two million pre-school families through its iChild network. The company will be developing fun education resources and activities based on the Pip Ahoy! characters and storylines which will be available online. iChild will also be conducting ongoing research amongst its membership base.

Simon Hall, managing director of CHF Entertainment comments; “We are delighted to be working closely with iChild to launch Pip Ahoy! into the pre-school education sector. The company has already had a great deal of success launching brands such as Peppa Pig, Roary the Racing Car and Fifi and the Flowertots into this sector and we are looking forward to seeing Pip Ahoy! continue in their footsteps.”

iChild helps brands engage with parents, teachers, carers and children by developing fun educational content and activities in line with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) national curriculum in England, which are then promoted through the iChild network which comprises parents, grandparents, teachers, nursery carers and child minders.

Phil Bird, managing director of says; “We work with our team of education consultants, teachers, marketing consultations and children’s designers to ensure that brands are able to engage effectively with parents, teachers, carers and children. For children’s TV shows we produce branded entertainment content that can be used in nurseries, pre-schools, schools and homes, to help teach children in a fun way, and raise awareness of the show and characters.

We are thrilled to be working alongside CHF Entertainment on Pip Ahoy! and this week we will be launching a competition amongst nurseries and pre-schools for a chance to win a visit by Stacey Solomon and the Pip costume character. We will also be producing Pip Ahoy! nursery packs which will include lesson plans, activity books and stickers, and we have more activity planned throughout the year.”

Pip Ahoy! follows the adventures of an eager happy-go-lucky young pup called Pip and his best friend Alba the kitten around the colourful and enchanting seaside resort of Salty Cove. Aimed at pre-school children from the age of two, Pip Ahoy! brings fun and laughter into every home with a mixture of the extraordinary and the familiar. Appearing every week day morning on Channel 5’s Milkshake at 7am, the series has been produced by CHF Entertainment’s hugely talented creative team under the leadership of multi award-winners Jean Flynn and Ben Turner and features Sir David Jason as the voice of Pip’s caring uncle, Skipper. X Factor finalist, singer and reality TV star, Stacey Solomon, has also recorded the theme song and is the voice of the pink flamingo, Fuchsia.

Salty Cove boasts everything a proper seaside resort should have – a sandy beach with little coves and pools to visit, along with welcoming beach huts and a sunny promenade with its parade of shops of all kind. To one end of the cove is an observatory manned by the brainy and erudite Professor Evie, and to the other end a lighthouse stands overlooking a boatyard, which contains several crafts of various shapes and sizes. Some of these belong to the most respected inhabitant of Salty Cove, the redoubtable Captain Skipper, Pip’s uncle.

The folk that live in this idyllic place are as motley a crew as you could imagine from Pasty, the acquisitive crab with an extraordinary collection of bric-a-brac, Hopper, the one legged acrophobic seagull with big ambition and little gumption, Madame Éclair, a French poodle of high-breeding and exquisite taste in confectionary and cakes, Mrs Twitcher, a keen birdwatcher and Salty Cove’s very own taxi driver, a colony of rather well spoken puffins clustered around an island offshore and a flock of seagulls, Kevin, Cyril and Percy who make mischief. A quintet of singing limpets, the Squiblets, pop up from time to time to warble a brief barber’s shop type harmony and beneath the waves, resides a drummer of multi-limbed capability, the renowned Rocktopus.

Tune into Pip Ahoy! weekday mornings at 7am on Channel 5’s Milkshake.

For more information about Pip Ahoy! please visit

23 March 2014

The Wombles visit a winning school in Leeds!

Congratulations to Ebor Primary School in Leeds, who were the winner of a visit from the Wombles to their school.

The Yorkshire Post covered the day which brought great delight to the children!


The prize was part of the campaign developed by Family & Education to support the launch of Royal Mail's 'Classic Children's TV' Special Stamps.

Over 3,000 schools and nurseries received an education resource pack, with 5 fun lesson plans and board games, covering the different characters featured in the children's TV stamps.

A national competition was also held where participating schools could win different 'Classic Children's TV' prizes; and Ebor Primary school was one of the lucky winners.

31 October 2013

Prince Charles selects Christmas Stamp Design Competition Winners

HRH The Prince of Wales today presented prizes to the two winners of Royal Mail's Christmas Stamp Design Competition. The competition was developed and run by Family & Education and promoted through
This year's first class stamp shows Father Christmas, drawn by seven-year-old Molly Robson, a pupil at Leechpool Primary School in Horsham, West Sussex, while the second class stamp features three singing angels, designed by 10-year-old Rosie Hargreaves, who attends Ermington Primary School in Ivybridge, Devon.
TwochildrenwithHRH2.jpegCredit: Royal Mail/PA
The winning designs were chosen from over 240,000 entries received from children aged four to 11, in response to the question: What does the Christmas season mean to you?

It is only the third time in Royal Mail's near 500-year history that children have designed Royal Mail's Christmas stamps.

The two winning designs were unveiled at a ceremony in Clarence House where Rosie and Molly met the Prince of Wales.

Molly said: "I was very excited that I won. The picture took me two afternoons to draw. I usually like to draw rainbows."

Rosie, who is giving some of her prize money to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, said: "It felt really amazing to win. I was very excited about meeting Prince Charles. I think mummy and daddy were more nervous than me!"

Prince Charles, who led the judging panel, presented a framed copy of the winning designs to Molly and Rosie.

Royal Mail's Chief Executive Moya Greene said: "These wonderful images capture perfectly what Christmas means to many people throughout the UK. We were overwhelmed that the competition received more than 240,000 entries and Molly and Rosie now follow in the footsteps of some highly acclaimed children's designers and illustrators who have designed Royal Mail's Christmas stamps in the past". DaybreakThe winning designs were featured widely in the news today, including on Daybreak and BBC Breakfast. 
You can see the BBC Breakfast coverage here.